The Camden Roundhouse, though more famously an iconic venue, is first and foremost a training ground for 11-25 year olds in the creative industries. From music, spoken word, and radio, and journalism to circus skills, the Roundhouse offers opportunities and insights to all areas.

Music and performance is very predominant in the Roundhouse, catered fully to nurturing new talent, helping emerging and unsigned artists get a foot into the outside music industry, bridging the gap between bedroom rehearsals to record deals and festival performances.

Resident Artist Scheme

The Roundhouse’s ‘Resident Artist’ scheme is one to keep tabs on for those interested in a career in performance. Alongside the monthly ‘Freshly Made’ gig for resident artists to showcase their work in the Made In Camden café, these artists are mentored to a great extent and introduced to the professional music industry. These artists are the first ones referred to when outside opportunities come in, for example if a festival is looking for performers, and also are the prime performers for the Roundhouse Rising Festival every February.

Roundhouse Rising

The Roundhouse Rising Festival is an annual festival held at the Roundhouse giving these artists the opportunity to perform at the iconic venue, and each and every night is sold out, and on top of this, a live stream. This is just an example of one of the many ways the Roundhouse ensures its talent are given the opportunities and exposed to a great audience.


However, all these artists start at the Roundhouse through taking part in their projects and using the rehearsal facilities. The Roundhouse projects are unique in their accessibility yet high quality, all taught by industry professionals. The yearly six week project ‘OnTrack’ is one of the best entries into the industry for emerging artists, as the six weeks are spent song writing, both collaboratively and solo, and the artists are kept on close watch by industry professionals from Universal Music, the funders of the programme. At the end of the six weeks the OnTrack participants are given the chance to perform at the Roundhouse, attended by many A&R and scouts for other shows, in the past people getting chosen for X-Factor and label deals – once again, always sold out.

30/30 Project

The Roundhouse’s 30/30 project runs every November, for the more advanced musicians, where 30 musicians are chosen to work with producers as esteemed as Trevor Horn and Joe Fields – though only one or two songs officially on the project, this always leads to longer projects and EPs and albums getting recorded in this way for these emerging artists.

On top of all the music projects, the Roundhouse also has its own radio, blog, and film projects, which all work with the musicians and enhance their profile, providing radio play, and the film students often making music videos and filming live performances. This is an example of the wide range of resources and the advantage of the networking and collaboration available at the Roundhouse.

Roundhouse Charity

The Roundhouse is a non-for-profit charity and all profits, including those form the bar and even form the main space, are recycled into the youth projects to nurture these talents, and for all emerging and unsigned talent the Roundhouse is the ideal place, as all energy and focus is selflessly put into helping this emerging talent growing in its wall.


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