Meet Anna Pancaldi who’s EP ‘Dear Joey,’ released early April 2016 rose to #3 in the singer songwriter iTunes charts following on from her debut EP ‘Black Tears’ released March 2015 with charted at #6 and also sold out both London headline shows.

Recently off tour in Europe supporting Jake Isaac, and completed her first US tour playing NYC, Nashville and LA also performing live in CBS LA TV.

Anna also launched her own line of gin called ‘Joe’s Gin’ made by Mason’s, an elderflower infusion inspired by her brother who used to make them elderflower cordial as children. Mason’s gin is sold in the likes of Harvey Nichols and Selfridges.

Anna applied for the ‘Best Songwriting Category’ back in February.

“Really polished…She doesn’t need our help, we need her.”

Dermot O’leary Radio 2

UMA : You are off on another LA adventure, what opportunities are you going for over in the States?

Anna: I just returned from my first tour there playing in NYC, Nashville and LA and even got to perform live on CBS TV, now that was scary and so was the amount of make up on my face! haha. I went with a gut feeling of needing to play there, so at the time of booking my ticket I was literally planning on playing open mics and then it turned into getting management and the shows were unforgettable. I couldn’t believe all the people that came out to see me play, some from three hours away. That trip really taught me that risks are worth taking, sometimes in vain and sometimes not. The trip has changed my life and a real sliding doors moment for me. It’s good to be outrageous and go against the grain. So, that’s a long way of saying ‘I’ll be going back for meetings’ as there was a fair bit of interest, so I need to go and re-connect with some people!

UMA: You had one of your tracks sync’d with Levis. Have you had any more deals since?

Anna: I did indeed, it was such a crazy moment as I featured in the campaign too, we were flown around to 4 countries in 5 days. For me, as an unsigned artist being affiliated with a brand like that has been invaluable and am so grateful they wanted to work with me! When you’re grafting in those early stages as people discover you they tend to want something they recognise to latch on to and that’s why it has helped so much! I’m not part of an agency and for now, that’s the only one. Although I know my new music is being showcased at the moment. Fingers crossed! That is part of the wonder of it, you never quite know what’s going to happen next!

“The sweet, soulful voice of Anna Pancaldi shines through from the pack”

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UMA: You often spend time networking in the music industry ( as we met you at Fast Forward), has networking helped advance your career in any way?

Anna: Undoubtably, I think that can be one of the biggest mistakes artist make, not to partake in the industry side of things. it’s a business like any other, you have to learn the ins and out; be the creative and businessman/woman. Educating yourself in what is invaluable and leads to many opportunities too and importantly guarding yourself too. I want to know I stand my own ground!

UMA: What 3 things do you want to have achieved by 2018?

Anna: I want to have released an album, complete a world tour and continue to carefully build a career that will give me the longevity I seek. That is so very important for me. I’m in it for the long haul.

UMA: As a full time artist, which others spend many night’s dreaming about, what is your top tip for new artists starting out?

Anna: Enjoy and nurture your craft in music before releasing it, once you have the ball rolling you need to keep it going and what many of us don’t realise was how precious that time is to only think about writing music. Then educate yourself, learn the business and get out there and play!

Anna is launching her brand new single ‘Keep On Keeping On’ at St Leonards Church in Shoreditch, London on October 12th, 2016 with the single being released digitally on Oct 10th, followed by the whole EP early 2017.

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