Darby Ward performed an exclusive first for us as a solo act live at the Unsigned Music Awards, Darby has recently finished her debut EP due for release early next year, collaborating with songwriters and producers around the world.

This is by no means her first venture into the world of music however, having spent the past few years writing for numerous artist briefs with various songwriters amidst her time fronting female girl group, Alula.

Showcasing her powerful vocal range and an engaging tone, Darby’s new solo material includes some feel good radio anthems, but also looks to share a more emotional side with her relatable, heartfelt ballads.

Beyond the studio, Darby is an experienced performer; from intimate audiences at some of the most prestigious private events, to performances in front of large crowds at music festivals and other major concerts.

Artist diaries make great content for current fans, they tell a story and show off a journey.

UMA 2016 performer Darby Ward spends time getting to know her audience and has begun her Darby Diaries with the help of videographer Charlotte France.

Darby says “I love speaking to my fans and getting their feedback! Sharing my journey with them is the most important thing to me. I try to keep my social channels regularly updated with what I’m up to. I also want to keep the songs I write/ perform personal to me but also relatable to my fans.  I’m a 20 year old girl at the end of the day.  Experiencing this crazy world just like them. Hopefully my new YouTube channel and #darbydiaries will help share my journey even more allowing my fans and hopefully new fans to get to know me better too.”

With 17.9k twitter followers, nearly 50k on Instagram Darby knows how to keep her fans engaged.

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