Autumn Ruin hailing from Manchester are an Alternative Rock band whom, with the birth of their single ‘Brave The Fall’ that dropped in July, have already made the impeccable accomplishment of being added to the Kerrang! TV Playlist with their lead single.

We were lucky enough to have had guitarist Rob Galley give us an in-depth interview on Autumn Ruin.

Q&A – Brave The Fall

Tell us about how you guys initially formed the band.

I [Galley] formed the band a few years ago and since then we have had a few line up changes. We have unintentionally stolen members from other local bands over the years in order to create the perfect line up, but hey! Things have worked out pretty well so far – nothing can stop us now!

Your video for your single ‘Brave The Fall’ was released July 10th 2015. Is this a taster for an album to follow?

There’s definitely been talk of an E.P. as opposed to an album at some point soon. For now we are actually heading back into the studio at the end of August to record two brand new songs, which we’re hoping to release around October/November time! So we’re pretty excited for that.

Well in that case… can you give us some insight into what the tracks are going to entail?

We love to get our audiences singing and clapping along whenever we play live, so there will be plenty of things that will get people involved in during our live shows! Our singer Alastair Carrington is pretty good at coming up with clever vocal lines that stick in your head! Alex Baker from Kerrang radio quoted us as ‘Just pure melodic rock awesomeness’, so we’d like to live up to that title.

So does Alastair do all the writing for the band or do you all get involved?

Writing at the moment is split between Alastair and myself [Galley]. Alastair wrote ‘Brave The Fall’ and one of the new songs we’re about to record, and I wrote the other new song we’re taking into the studio. We would definitely never say we have a designated writer purely just to keep things fresh! People have different writing styles so hopefully doing it this way would stop our songs sounding too similar, which can be an issue with bands that have one writer. The other guys in the band may not write songs but they’re definitely a key part when it comes to arrangements and production, so maybe in the future that will lead to the other guys writing a bit more too.

So, who are your biggest heroes?

Rob Galley (Lead Guitar) – I’d probably say my biggest musical hero would be John Mayer. I admire how he is so versatile as an artist and not afraid to try a new approach. As a guitar player and also because he’d be the first to admit that even now after all he has achieved that he’s still learning, constantly trying to improve – which I think is a great attitude to bring in too my own playing/writing. His music is pretty good too.

Tonge (Lead Vox) Bryan Adams, he has always been a huge inspiration to me as a songwriter and a vocalist. He was at the height of his career when I was born, with his biggest single ‘Everything I Do’. In some way from a very early age that imprinted on me, so when growing up and getting into music his songs just made a lot of sense to me. A lot of jokes made over the years for me liking Bryan Adams, but all in all, still a proud fan, haha!

Rob Lafferty (The Bass Man) Jamie Lenman, he’s just a normal guy that’s incredibly talented. He makes music that he loves and doesn’t write anything for the sake of writing, everything has a meaning. Plus he is proper funny and has cool moustache.

Sam (Drums) – I’m going with Tom DeLonge. Every band he has been in from Blink 182 to BoxCarRacer to Angels & Airways, he has always had a really nice toned voice, for a guy that can’t sing that well (let’s be honest) I just love everything he does.

Dowey (Rhythmn Guitar)Will.I.Am because of the reason that he is a man who can’t rap or sing or dance, but has made a fortune in the music industry.

What would you say has been your biggest musical achievement as ‘Autumn Ruin’ to date?

Our video for ‘Brave The Fall’ was recently added to the Kerrang TV Playlist. Seeing our band name on TV, literally alongside some of our favourite bands is just an amazing feeling. I used to watch Kerrang TV every single morning whilst eating my breakfast before I went to school, dreaming that one day I’d be on there and now I am. We’re all so happy with how the song has done.

What has been the biggest audience you’ve played for so far and where was it?

The last time we played the Newcastle O2 Academy in April was the biggest audience we have had so far. We only played Newcastle for the first time on our last tour in December 2014 and made quite a lot of awesome new fans, so it was amazing to see so many people come back to see us again when we were given the chance to go back. The place was packed and the atmosphere was great!

How did that experience feel?

Times like that just make all the hard work and effort that we put in really pay off. One of the biggest rewards you can get as a band is the immediate feeling of appreciation when you play an amazing live show to an audience that are there to see you.

So did that experience make you feel more excited about what is to come for the band?

Definitely. We had not released ‘Brave The Fall’ yet but we played it live for the first time. Everyone was clapping along and joining in, so afterwards we couldn’t wait to release it after seeing the reaction!

Do you feel that being an unsigned band limits you in anyway?

Every band starts out unsigned and to be honest it’s important that every band or artist goes through it – almost like a rite of passage. Who would appreciate playing a sold out show to thousands of people more? – someone who has just been put in that position or someone who has worked their way up from the bottom? Every achievement is like a stepping-stone, and we’re always ready to take the next step.

How do you feel about the role of ‘The Unsigned Music Awards’?

We think it’s great. Anything that gives unsigned artists a platform to demonstrate their music to the world is a fantastic idea. Established artists get a lot of attention as it is, now it’s our turn!

Are you excited about being involved in ‘The Unsigned Music Awards’?

Yes! We think it’s a great idea and we’re pretty happy to be a part of it’s inception. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring quite a bit of attention to it, which might inspire other unsigned bands and artists to get involved.


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