Broken Witt Rebels were crowned winners of Best Rock Act at the Unsigned Music Awards 2016 presented by Liquiproof at the Troxy, and certainly proved why they were worthy winners by rocking the stage as the closing act of the night.

This Birmingham four piece (Danny Core on vocals & rhythm guitar, Luke Davis on vocals & bass, James Tranter on vocals & lead guitar & James Dudley on drums & percussion) are a dynamic, quality band who I was delighted to see nominated. Their electrifying performance at the ceremony was definitely a highlight for me. If you haven’t checked them out yet then I urge you to do so asap, you won’t be disappointed. Following their tremendous win I interviewed Danny to find out how they felt about winning and found out more about the band.

Broken Witt Rebels – The Interview

Can you tell us a bit about the beginnings of the band and where the name came from?

The band started about 3 years ago. Me and Luke grew up together, but met both the James’s in other local bands we liked. As for the name, it was randomly chosen from a newspaper.

Huge congratulations on winning Best Rock Act at the Unsigned Music Awards! And congratulations too on the amazing performance at the ceremony. It must have been an exciting and very special night. What was going through your heads when the nominees were announced, were you feeling chilled or nervous?

Thank you! It was a special night, it wouldn’t have been if we didn’t win though. The only thing going through our heads was it’s in the bag baby! And where’s the next drink coming from! We were chilled.

What’s your process for writing and producing songs, does someone take the lead or does everyone pitch in?

We all pitch in. Inspiration can come from a bass line, drum groove, guitar riff or vocal melody. It’s all jammed out then I put the lyrics down to the melody I hear.

What’s been your favourite moment in the band so far?

There has been so many this year. Winning the award, being on billboards all across the UK, playing Wacken in Germany, playing in Cannes, Isle Of Wight, Latitude, Leeds – the list is endless. We are extremely grateful for the year we have had.

What is your view of the independent scene, is it strong would you say? Does the recognition via things like UMA help? Do you have favourite unsigned bands or solo artists?

I think the independent scene is as strong as you can make it, you have to try even harder being unsigned. Winning the award I guess helps. But it felt more deserved than anything else. I think you need a dedicated team all rowing in the same direction. As for other music I’m too focused on our own to care about others.

You seem to be a pro active group connecting with fans? Great examples being the Golden Tickets (it reminds me of Willy Wonka from Roald Dahl!) and inviting fans to be in your music video for Georgia Pines. How does social media rate as a tool alongside gigging, merchandise etc?

Social media goes hand in hand with being a band and connecting with your fan base is everything to us. There are the ones that travel, spend their hard earned pay in coming to see us, without the fans we are f**k all. That’s why we get them involved in everything we do! Look after the ones that look after you and win over the rest.

Can you explain the links with Gibson Guitars? I have seen photos on your media?

Yeah we are endorsed by Gibson/Epiphone Guitars.Don’t know what more to say, they like us and we like them. Greats recognise greats etc…

What’s next for Broken Witt Rebels, any news you can share with us such as new gigs coming up?

We had a few record deals offered; we have been discussing what’s best to go with. We are going to make our debut album as a signed band. As for gig’s  – we are constantly playing.

Finally, what do you think it takes to be successful (for both signed and unsigned) and what would be your defintion of having success as a band?

Great music first and foremost – your music is everything, your currency, your bargaining tool, your artwork, your child! Success – I’m not sure. Sometimes you have to look back and go wow! But I don’t have time to revel in that. When we set ourselves a goal, we have to smash through that so I can’t define success; but I can only say we are enjoying creating it on our journey.

by Shoony

Thanks to Danny for taking the time to answer my questions. Congratulations again on winning Best Rock Act!

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