1. OkGo – This Too Shall Pass

Kicking off with the band I have already mentioned, Ok Go are fast becoming the kings of the music video. This video, directed by James Frost, appears to be shot in one take whilst the band members navigate around a giant Rude Goldberg Machine. Built in a warehouse over two stories high, with over 700 objects in use and stretching a half mile long, this is truly some incredible planning, no wonder it took the best part of 6 months.

2. Gunship – Revel In Your Time

I was introduced to this video recently and instantly feel in love with it. Beautifully designed in 8-bit graphics Revel In Your Time is reminiscent of every 80’s and 90’s kid time growing up with video games. With references and styles of classic games such as Tron, Streets of Rage and Blade Runner, this video is something to behold.

3. The Chemical Brothers – Let Forever Be

One of the most well know music videos from The Chemical Brothers, Let Forever Be won its acclaims for using innovative and revolutionary video effects for its time as the story narrates a young woman’s nightmare in this visually beautiful music video directed by Michel Gondry.

4. Brunettes Shoot Blondes – Knock Knock

You may have seen this video floating around the internet recently after amassing 8 million views on Youtube, 26 million views on Facebook and over 800,000 shares! That is the power of social media for you.

Knock Knock was filmed in real time using 14 iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, directed and filmed by the band themselves, they received so much media attention that they were featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Daily Mail, Yahoo!, The Daily Mirror and many more.

5. Hammered Satin – Foxy Dude

Lock up your daughters, make sure your wife is at home and mark your territory because when it comes to pure sex appeal then Hammered Satin is going to make you look like an adolescent, pre-pubescent school boy. This video is pure entertainment and brings a refreshing reminder of the fun that can be had with videos.

Noah Wallace (baring some resemblance to The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins) rocks a full blown unitard better than most could ever dream of rocking, so believe me when I say that ‘Foxy Dude’ is value for money.

6. Josef Pitura-Riley – A New View

Within this blog I wanted to showcase an artist who has applied for the Unsigned Music Awards, particularly for the Best Music Video award, in order to showcase the creative talent that is out there in the unsigned community.

This debut music video by Josef Pitura-Riley is beyond impressive. The entire music video was conceived, produced and created by Josef himself and was filmed using stop motion techniques which took over several months to film on various different sets.

This is a prime example of how creativity, organisation and patience is more important than big budgets to make something that really stands out and capture your audience. Nice work Josef.


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