Revolutionary new careers fair transforming perceptions of the Creative Industries is holding it’s first Festival focused on ‘How To Get Into The Music Industry’, held at The Hospital Club, Covent Garden this Sunday, 12 Feb.

Get Tickets Here … It’s completely free.

“The venue is relevant, the exhibitors are interactive and engaging and the decor is showstopping. Think TED Talks meets Wilderness Festival. That’s part of the reason people want to attend; because it’s actually a fun event, unlike all other careers fairs!” – MAE, Co-Founder

ERIC Festival is a series of completely free creative career events aimed at 16-24 year olds, exploring career paths within the creative industry. The aim is to educate, inspire and engage the younger generation, advising them on the various career opportunities within the creative sector. Each industry will be tackled, one at a time through 2017. The industries covered are:

  • Broadcast media (TV, Film & Radio)
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Arts & Culture
  • Publishing

ERIC Festival is tackling the problem that so many young people face after leaving education. They want to be creative, but where to begin – what industry to get into, what jobs are there, how to start looking for jobs.

The event has major music companies speaking and networking, including Warner Music, Radio 1Xtra and Boiler Room, alongside tour managers, music video choreographers, ticketing companies, and many more.

Founders, Mae Yip and Samantha Hornsby (above), designed the fair to not only help young people understand their creative options and how to execute them, but also to help raise awareness for the issues within the creative industries.

“We want ALL young people to have access to the event, not just your typical media-types” Samantha says. “Lack of diversity, industry accessibility and nepotism are huge issues within all creative industries and the first way to tackle these problems is by getting everyone in the same room where we can help people break down those barriers. Education and awareness are both key to enforcing positive change, that’s why we made it completely free – everyone has the right to learn and be informed!”

“We’re very excited to be working with so many businesses, charities and institutions on this event”, says Mae. “And we’ve had an amazing response from our audience – we’re having to release more tickets!” – MAE

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