More than 200 Gold, Silver and Platinum Record Sales Worldwide


Ian Titchener takes us through his vast experiences of working in the music industry, spanning over 30 years, amassing in excess of 200 Gold, Silver and Platinum record sales worldwide. Starting out working for Bocu Music Publishing (home to Abba) and going on to build the UK’s foremost promotion company; Rush Release.

Ian discusses the honest truths that every budding musician is seeking, such as why you may not be succeeding as a successful musician and how you can turn that around by building yourself the right kind of fan base.

Referring to his well known talk, ‘No One Gives A Shit About Your Music’, Ian touches on the important things to consider when releasing new material, the importance of marketing yourself as a brand AND most importantly how to get yourself noticed within the music industry.

In this podcast we discuss how live performances are just as important as your recorded material PLUS Ian shares his own experiences on how you can turn your live act into one that everybody will remember.

This podcast was recorded at Metropolis Studios and is sponsored by EVS Entertainment Insurance.


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