Music Gateway is an online project-based community that connects musical and creative talent with brands, companies or individuals in need of creative input to their project – whatever it may be.

Impressively, there are quite a few high end clients that use the service to find talent including Interscope, Disney, Red Bull, Island Records and Sony Music (amongst many others) so we highly recommend that you take a few minutes to create a profile, because quite frankly #YaNeverNo.

It works like this. People post jobs and projects on Music Gateway for you to browse, and you simply pitch in an offer. If your profile stands out to them or they happen to like your floppy hairdo and your middle name, you get the job.

In our opinion, it’s an absolutely flamin’ awesome way of making money from your music; the Music Gateway platform is well known for presenting opportunities to undiscovered talent and that’s why everyone at UMA is downright happy to be working with the guys over at the big blue (we haven’t seen it, but we imagine it is) Music Gateway HQ skyscraper.

Oh, and another great thing is that they’re just the middle man, they have no interest in your rights or creative control which we liked the sound of… probably almost as much as you do.

What’s in it for you


Put simply, Music Gateway are legends. They are giving away one years worth of Business Subscriptions to each of the sixteen UMA winners.

In addition to that, they will also be throwing in three months worth of Pro Subscriptions to every single award category runner up – that’s 64 beautiful artists gifted unrestricted access to help you make the most of their system.



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