30 year old rapper/ producer,  Scorcher, from North London is not afraid of trying new things. It seems that whatever he delves into is wholeheartedly accomplished with full passion and conviction. Whether that be his starring role in the hit 2011 Channel 4 show, Top Boy  or continuing to make music, he is fast defining himself as  an unstoppable force.

Despite being incredibly busy lately, with his latest single, Paranoid, we were lucky enough to have caught up with him at a good time and throw some questions his way.


How does it feel to see how far the grime scene has come in 2017 being that wide ranges of people are appreciating it more than ever now?
I think it’s sick, it’s good to have light shining on it.
As an artist it is only natural to collaborate and explore genres, are there any genres that you are keen to explore regardless of how it may be received?
I just make music that I like and if it catches me and I feel a vibe, I’ll write to it… It could be anything.

When you first started out making your own music, were there artists that you really aspired to be like and took inspiration from?
Not really to be honest, I was just doing my thing but I did like So Solid and Pay As You Go etc… I wanted a TT and that…

Haha! You’ve achieved so much as an unsigned artist since having had a MOBO nomination in 2010 for ‘Best Newcomer’. Have you had any label offers?
I signed a single deal with Geffen in 2010 when I was nominated for best newcomer. I was nominated for best video last year for ‘Work Get It’.

So given your time with Geffen, you’ve experienced both sides of the coin.  How do the two compare?
Signing to Geffen was a good experience and I learnt a lot, I’m happy with my situation now and I get full creative freedom to be able to make any record I like.

Does it feel good to look back and know that most (if not everything) you have achieved so far is down to your own hard work and not the weight of a label?
Yeah! I’ve done a lot… but there’s still more that I always want to do.

What would you say has been your proudest musical achievement so far?
Putting out ‘Simply The Best 3’ was good; people liked that and my sold out EP Launch at The Jazz Café for ‘1 Of 1’ was cold. I like it when people feel my music like that… I like to make music that people can live with.

You’ve technically grown up in the music you’ve created over time; from boy to man in a way you know growing up and maturing. Have you received any invaluable career advise from anyone important to you that you will remember throughout your career?

My advice is just to be yourself and be comfortable with that and make the music that you feel.


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