Vii Snakes – A Priceless Truth

Vii Snakes (pronounced Seven Snakes) release their first single ‘A Priceless Truth’ ahead of their debut EP ‘Post-Truth Youth’.

Vii Snakes are a politically engaged post-hardcore trio dredged from the gardens of the mother country. Arisen from the ashes of a Kent-based pop-punk band Talk Us Down, Vii Snakes are ushering in the post-truth era with raw rage-fuel energy, honesty and passion.

“The single is really about the demonization of the working class in Britain as well as the spurious notion of meritocracy within a society that feeds off nepotism and, dare i say it, patriarchy”

– vocalist, Luke Besant.

“I thought a lot about what I wanted to say on this record, for me I had kind of decided after our last band broke up that I was finished with the music industry but there was something inside me that still had something to say. I figured as this is potentially the last thing I ever put out, i’d better make sure I say exactly what I want to say… and that was why we decided to make a lyrics video instead of a music video”

“I drew a lot of inspiration for the record from some of my favourite writers such as Malcolm Gladwell, Owen Jones and even George Orwell but I also thought a lot about my favourite lyricists such as Akala, Rou Reynolds, Itch, Chuck D, Zach De La Rocha, Morrissey and more recently Riskee from Riskee and the Ridicule and realised the thing that makes them great, for me, is their ability to realise a narrative and speak concisely about what they believe based on their analysis and experience, that’s what I’m aiming for.”

“With the increased false individualism, anti-intellectualism and vanity that our society seems to pride itself on, i felt this could be a record for people who feel trapped out or like an imposter… like me.”

“The video was a labour of love, I don’t really know anything about video editing and we had a budget of £0. I essentially just layered some PNG’s onto some Creative Commons and public domain footage using iMovie. After about 48 hours of editing and finding footage that i thought would fit tonally and hold significance i came away with something that i think is enjoyable.”

Vii Snakes Are:

Luke Besant (Vocals / Bass)
Ed Li (Guitar)
Neil Davey (Drums)

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For reasons listed on the Vii Snakes blog the band have decided not to use Facebook instead their community hub and means of communication is via email that can be subscribed to on their website however they can be found individually on Twitter and as a group on Instagram and Youtube.

Twitter: Luke Besant
Twitter: Ed Li
Twitter: Neil Davey


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