AFTERLIFE. The brand new single from ANDRO.

Following three years on the road as part of the vocal line up for the world-famous neo-soul collective, Jungle (XL Records), ANDRO, an extraordinarily charismatic singer originally from Liverpool, launches his solo career with this stunning new track that is, AFTERLIFE.

His prowess for vocal, instrumental harmony and hard hitting vocal range is outstanding in this track, aided by the powerful message and middle finger to gender bias. Fused with an energetic production and raw, yet sugary sweet and haunting lyricism, ANDRO’s point is for the song to cut through the grey areas of a very human condition.

You’ll see a subtle play on breaking down and neutralising the stigma surrounding masculinity and femininity heard in his lyrics, sound and in his brand new video. ANDRO  (meaning Man or Masculine in Greek) is smashing the stereotype of what it means to be a Black/Mixed Race male Artist in this era of social norm and expectancy.

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