Beissoul & Einius

Beissoul & Einius in their new video – graceful creatures who turn on a day.

Electrofashion duo Beissoul & Einius, to reveal the music video to a first single from an upcoming album: “Innocent Black Coffee”

A music video of Beissoul & Einius, a Lithuanian electrofashion duo, was released to the new song – a graceful smooth animation about the predawn mission in the urban city. “Innocent Black Coffee” became the first track of the upcoming album expected for at the beginning of 2019. It’s going to be the second LP of the duo after “#asecretcontract” hit the UMA longlist and ‘Lion’ was shortlisted for the Unsigned Music Awards 2018 for the ‘Best International Video’ award.

Beissoul & Einius dream up the cloth made from glass and performances in the combination of music and avant-garde fashion, called “fashion show from out of this planet” by the media. The closest images for them are extraterrestrials in different characters: hillers in the “LION” short film, visitors in the photoshoot for D’SCENE in Bob Basset masks, monarchs on the “#asecretcontract” cover, and now – in “Innocent Black Coffee” – graceful creatures who turn on a day.

The recognizable B&E frontman’s accessories are hats made by him personally. One of them is featured in video – it is a portal into the other world. A portal-hat has its real double 160 sm in diameter and 4 m in circumference, wore by Beissoul during the huge solo Electofashion Show in Vilnius 3 months ago. In “Innocent Black Coffee” it’s easy to move around from one world to another, and even the hour hand obeys the music and time goes in a different way.

Beissoul & Enius in their recordings and live are two different types of delight – to understand B&E phenomenon it’s worth it to experience both. A good place to check Beissoul & Einius live will be one of the biggest and popular European festivals – Sziget – on the 10th of August. There will be a chance also to see B&E as the special guests of some of the magic Icelanders GusGus shows in their album premier tour.

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