Le Flex

Best Produced Record Nominee Releases New Album ‘The Handsome Boys Club’

With his debut album given 5 stars from the Queen Of England in her New Year’s Speech, and his single Kiss Me achieving over 6 million plays on YouTube, Le Flex was asked by his mum to make a follow-up so she would have something to play in the car.

The result is his 2nd album The Handsome Boys Club – a collection of 12 songs to tempt you to dance or take your lover to bed with, possibly both if you have the energy.

About Le Flex
Le Flex first started his music project to attract as many groupies as possible.
Instead, all he gets are DJs messaging him to collaborate on their half-finished ideas.

His world-conquering remix of Kilo Kish – Curious for Maison Kitsuné set him on the road to stardom, and he now spends much of his time tinkering with a time machine to get back to the 80’s.

In between this he writes and produces sublime synth pop with a retro feel.
He looks forward to being followed on social media as he does get a bit lonely.
Le Flex enjoys sunshine, Scotch, and looking under his bed.
Still no word on the groupies.


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