Elesa Marmo Releases Ethereal Debut EP “Clear Blue”

Long Island indie pop artist Elesa Marmo blends mainstream electro-pop and light acoustic influences to create the one of a kind sound on her debut EP “Clear Blue,” out TODAY. Although her first time releasing original music on her own, Marmo has most recently been involved in indie duo The Wilts, also based on Long Island. Now delving into mastering her own sound, “Clear Blue” is a beautiful representation of the two sides to Marmo’s artistry; mainstream electronic-tinged pop, and delicate, stripped back ballads. Produced and co-written by Greg Almeida (member of alt rock band VISTA), the EPs four tracks emit a summery feel, containing two upbeat, Carly Rae Jepsen-esque bangers, and two lax, very minimalistic tunes, all also co-written by Marmo. About the release of “Clear Blue,” Marmo states:

“We started recording in July in Greg’s (producer, Almeida) bedroom studio and the whole process was so much fun. I think recording has always been such a liberating feeling for me just getting to experiment and watch songs come to life.  The whole experience was therapeutic as well just getting all the feelings I was having out. I’m excited for people to hear the songs and my only goal with songwriting has always been to write honest songs from my life that others can relate to. If they can feel an emotion from the songs then I’ve done my job. I’m excited to perform these songs live and get to see reactions from people.”

Elesa Marmo is a singer/songwriter from Long Island, New York.  She’s been writing music since she could remember. After many years of wanting to pursue music, as well as releasing music as part of the indie duo The Wilts, Marmo most recently released her debut EP, titled “Clear Blue.” Produced by Greg Almeida (of alt rock band VISTA). Growing up listening to a large variety of mainstream pop artists, her original music is heavily influenced with electronic sounds and soft acoustic feels and blends those sounds perfectly. “Clear Blue” is out NOW.


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