Elle Exxe is a talented singer-songwriter who wowed everyone at the Unsigned Music Awards with her dynamic and show stopping performance of her single ‘Home With You’.

She’s certainly a force to be reckoned with! Elle first caught my interest when I heard about this fantastic singer from my home city through UMA. By the time of the ceremony I was already a big fan, and even more so after Elle’s incredible performance, and getting to meet her properly too. A very lovely and talented lady whose star is most definitely rising. I also had the pleasure of meeting one of her biggest supporters Paralympian, actor and presenter Ade Adepitan. He was very friendly and nice, and was justifiably proud of his talented friend that night. Watch out for Elle Exxe, she’s steadily making progress. I wish her good luck, but I don’t think she needs it!


You have just won the Best Female Solo Artist award at the inaugral Unsigned Music Awards, and you performed at the ceremony. How are you feeling about it all?

It was an incredible honour to win the award. In fact, it was a massive honour just to be nominated, so I’m absolutely ecstatic to have won! I think the ethos of the UMA are great. I feel these awards should have existed a long time before now. There are so many incredibly talented artists and bands working 18 hour days alongside “real jobs” with little financial reward or recognition – and many have been doing this for years. It’s about time we celebrated those people!


You’ve been singing and writing since you were 15, and before then at 6 years old performed in public piano competitions. Who or what inspired you to go down that path?

For me it wasn’t one thing or one person. It was a multitude of people, relationships and experiences. I’ve had the dream of doing music for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I wonder if I was born with it. I always reacted to music and would play anything I could get my hands on. My Gran used to sing me to sleep every Sunday night. My first definitive memory of wanting to be a singer was shortly after my Gran passed away, some would say when she stopped singing I started. But in some ways I feel like it wasn’t that I necessarily was inspired to follow this path, it was just the path I was born to travel.

You are originally from Edinburgh but now live in London. You attended ACM in Guildford; what did you gain from that experience and what do you miss about home?

I gained a great deal from ACM. I moved away from all my family and friends so the independence was great. I was underage so couldn’t go out at the weekends which meant I spent all my time in my bedroom making music. ACM gave me a lot of confidence and supported my creativity.

I mainly miss Scottish fish ‘n’ chips. Scotch pies and my mum’s roast dinners!

As a woman in the industry, who are your own personal favourite female artists from the unsigned music scene, and who were your female role models within the industry if any?

First my role models – Pink, Alanis Morrisette, Lady GaGa.

My personal favourite unsigned females are Iris Gold & Hannah Lou Clark.

Is there a general theme to the album? The title is quite strong, powerful and similar to the title of your November 2015 EP ‘Love To Hate You’?

Yes there are themes of love and hate and a discussion about the way love turns to hate. Love To Hate You was supposed to be like a precursor – a sampler of the album.

Can you tell us more about the ExXterminators and the ExXtravaganZza events?

ExXterminators are what I call anyone who is strong and killing it at life. The ExXtravaganzZa’s are events that welcome people into the world of Elle Exxe. I choose the performers, design the decorations and help plan the nights.

You’re a quirky, daring and creative avant-garde artist, which is reflected in your music. Have you always had a clear vision on this?

I think image is something that develops and evolves forever, but I have a clear vision of what I want to do and where I fit in the world.

Finally, can you describe your new album in 3 words?

Love Fuelled Hate

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