James Cherry – Small Talk | Sofar

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This week we caught up with James Cherry.

You have really distinct vocals, what advice can you give to new artists looking to find their ‘sound’?

I guess just be patient, don’t rush trying to find who you are – otherwise it’ll show. Things take time, I know it took me a while but by being patient it has made me understand exactly who I am and I write better songs because of that.

You recently performed a live show with BBC Introducing at the Lexington, and also at Radio 1’s Big Weekend! How did that come about?

It was off the back of the release of Why Don’t You Listen, actually – Dean Jackson on BBC Introducing East Midlands has been so supportive and played it on his show, and Radio 1 heard it and put it on the Introducing Playlist. It came from that really! Amazing experience, and fair play to Radio 1 for backing new acts.

You have over 5 million streams and counting on Spotify, things must be pretty hectic at the moment, what can we expect to see from you in 2017?

SONGS! 5 million streams is great and I’m so grateful, but what does that actually mean – I can’t sit on it forever so this year I just wanna release what I’ve been working on all this time. I’m really excited to share more stories with you all.

You went traveling to Thailand recently to ‘gain knowledge and inspiration’. How did that go and has it helped your career moving forward?

I think so, I mean it was amazing but once I was there I was too busy getting involved that music took a backseat. That was nice at first, but I quickly grew to miss it and I think that’s what I gained – inspiration to motivate myself again. It was my first time over that part of the world also, so to see and understand different cultures was a great experience. I have a massive nut allergy though… so that was interesting trying to work around that!

Tell us a secret?

I let them all out in my songs!


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