The social media MAGICIAN behind Rage Against The Machine beating X-Factor to Christmas No. 1

In This Episode

Jon Morter is the man best known for his disruption of X-Factor’s winning streak on the UK Christmas Number 1 – beginning in 2009 – when he launched a successful social media campaign urging the public to download the controversial ‘Killing in the Name’ by Rage Against The Machine.

The superb execution of a well timed, highly ambitious and somewhat experimental social media campaign single handedly rocketed the dormant (but world renowned) rock band straight to the top of the UK charts, above the might of the biggest entertainment show in the World at the time, X-Factor; more impressively, he also prompted a reformation of the band and a subsequent world tour that follow as a direct result of his campaign.

Unsurprisingly, Jon has since gone on to work full time in social media and marketing.

In this episode, he talks us through how he achieved his success in 2009 and the journey this ultimately took him on. Morter shares the tips, tricks and techniques used to build the hype; he also talks to us about the modern face of social media and how it’s constant changes can be manipulated to our advantage as long as we consider some of his consistent foundations.

If you’re looking for inspiration on marketing your next record, growing your fan base or generally thinking outside of the box, this episode is one for you.

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Download ‘Killing In The Name’ Here



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