KYOTI – Small Talk | Sofar

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This week we caught up with KYOTI. 

You put a lot of artistry not only into your music but also the creative process of your music videos with ‘Chimera’ and ‘Curved Edge Straight Line’ as perfect examples. How much involvement do you have with the film aspects of your music? 

We are really involved in the making of our videos. When we started KYOTI we wanted to get the visual aesthetic totally right as well as the music. To achieve this we collaborated with artists and directors we admire. For Curved Edge Straight line we worked with Daisy Finetto who has an amazing eye when working with models and stark minimalistic imagery as you can see in the video. For Chimera, director Tom Birch created a phenomenal light show in a North London theatre for Ed to perform in front of. Getting the whole thing in one continuous shot was a challenge, but was totally worth it!

Your EP ‘Orbit’ is now available after a years worth of hard work, what advice can you give from lessons you’ve learnt to an artist / band who is about to go into studio for the first time?

Don’t be afraid to experiment. All three of us have been in separate projects prior to starting KYOTI, and we all found that doing the same thing over and over just got boring. We found that pushing the boundaries of what you’ve previously tried can create some weird and fantastic sounds. The loud screech that starts Curved Edge Straight Line was created by taking a discarded sample of Ed’s voice and manipulating it beyond recognition. When we made it we thought that’s totally bizarre, but now it defines the whole mood of the song.

You gig a lot and have a headline show on May 31st, what has been your favourite performance to date?

Our first gig was in Paris back at the end of 2016, on a rooftop next to the Seine. That was pretty magical. But our favourite gig so far was definitely our EP launch in London back in February. We purposely held off gigging for most of 2016, wanting to focus on getting the songs and sound totally perfect before releasing it to the world, so to get to play those songs to a home crowd, all of whom knew the words and raised the rafters singing along, was an amazingly affirming experience. Plus we got to debut our visuals, which is now an integral part of the live KYOTI experience.

What can we expect to see from you in 2017? 

More writing, and more gigging! We just recently spent a long weekend in the depths of the English countryside writing, and we’re incredibly excited about the new material. After a year of finding our artistic voice, we’re finally getting to a place where we’re so in tune with each other that writing becomes second nature and we’re coming out with some awesome sounds and stories. We can’t wait to release these new songs to the world. We just haven’t quite decided which one to go with first!

Tell us a secret?

We used a lot of smoke bombs when filming the Curved Edge Straight Line video. So many, in fact, that the London fire brigade showed up.



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