The music industry is a fast-paced place with new sounds and new talents being discovered every day. However, especially nowadays when a new trend is discovered, a lot of music can sound the same, and uniqueness and originality is not always given anymore. Everybody seems to want to fit in into the scene yet prove to be different.

Fifth Quarter, a group based in London, have managed to create their own uniquely alternative sound. They consist of Syf on the vocal side, Hennessey on the production-side of things and Lilith and Evil Edie as creative forces. Established back in 2015, Fifth Quarter has already put out several projects and songs for their listeners – albums ‘Victory Diner’ and ‘Act Of Telling’ being some of them.

After releasing their single ‘#Crash’ last summer, they have recently returned with a brand new project titled ‘Eternal Recurrence’, plus an accompanied music video for the same-titled song ‘Eternal Recurrence’ – which doesn’t appear on the project though.

Combining music through art, Fifth Quarter stands out with their genuine DIY approach to music which can especially be noticed in their artsy music videos. Just by looking at the new gloomy yet brilliantly innovative visuals it gets clear that they are ready to conquer the visionary DIY generation of our time.

According to them, the project focuses on the “on the lifespans of an average man who with the help of a time machine struggles to find reasons for his existence”.
Listening closely to the project’s lyrics, it is without a doubt that Fifth Quarter are honest and prodigious storytellers by actively speaking up about current affairs and issues within our society.
Showcasing a rather minimal yet vivaciously pleasant production, accompanied by Syf’s alternatively mellow rap-flow turns this project into one you haven’t experienced before.

Listen below:

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