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This week we spoke with Nova Neon.

You have just released your first album ‘Chroma’, what major lesson did you learn from this experience that you will take with you when recording next?

Know our sound a little bit more and what we want the final product to sound like before we enter the studio. Also simplify the arrangements and production, so that each song has more impact. Listening back sometimes it feels there are a few too many ideas. We recorded this record in 3 different sessions, next time we’d prefer to do it in one to create a more cohesive sound throughout.

Your music video for ‘Geek Freak’ was shot entirely in stills which produces a very funky stop motion effect and allowed you to get creative. Where did this idea come from and how was the process of producing this video?

The initial idea came from a video one off us made with a previous band, where a couple of French guys had directed a video using stop frame and light animation. We took inspiration from that as well as from a video by the artist Sébatien Tellier for his epic track La Ritournelle which used still images. We then added a narattive that fitted our song and shot all of it in a day around North London, other then the hyper speed sections, which were done by one of the bands members riding on a bike around the city with a GoPro. Then came the arduous process of editing it. Thanks to our director who put in some serious hours.

Your songs ‘Close Your Eyes’ and ‘Break Out’ have been featured on BBC London and Amazing Radio. What was the process of plugging this to different stations / did you use a radio plugger? If not what tips can you give artists looking to get their tracks in front of the right radio DJ’s.

They both got picked up just by adding the tracks to BBC Introducing actually. We also did a very small PR campaign for Break Out, which got picked up by several good blogs, independant radio stations and Amazing Radio. What we’d advice is to try all possible routes, definitely upload to BBC Introducing and then find DJs that play your sort of music and get in touch, the same with bloggers, hopefully someone will pick it up. Even then it is quite hard work and although it seems unortodox to many DIY bands, save up some money from gigging and merch and get a plugger or PR, they have already done the ground work, but research them well and speak to then in person, to ensure they’re legitimate. Only go down this route if the quality of the recording is radio ready. If your not sure what that is ask an industry professional you might know, or compare it with the records you like. The 1st step is getting people to pay attention so this is vital.

You have played some pretty cool stages in your time including Isle Of Wight Festival, The Borderline and many more. What has been your favorite live experience to date and what do you have in store for the rest of 2017?

The Borderline was top and we recently did a Manchester show at Gullivers which went down very well. The best show of them all has to be our album launch at the Lounge in Archway. We packed it out and we played our best, it helps to buzz off the audience that knew all the songs and sung along. As you know we’ve also been doing a lot of Sofar Sounds shows, all of which have been fantastic, the responce is always so overwhelming. If we had to pick the best of those it would have to be a tiny space we played in Elephant & Castle, it was Sunday night, we were all hangover, we had a feeling it was gonna go terribly, but quite the opposite, there was such a connection with the audience, nailed it!

If you could co-write a song with any artist who would it be and why?

There’s always one question that’s impossible to answer because there are so many right answers. For today, we’d have to say Hiatus Kaiyote, we just love their style, they can groove, they mix it up, sometimes you never know what’s coming up next and they are masters of their instruments.

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