Q&A: Life On The Road With Holy Bouncer

Life on the road can be as much fun as it is demanding for any band, we catch up with psych-rockers Holy Bouncer whilst on their 50 date  European tour, taking in shows across Italy, France, The Netherlands, UK and Spain…

So guys, we chat to you on day 17 of your huge 50 date tour! You’re in Paris tonight are you?

Actually today we we’re in Brussels, we played in Paris two days ago and it was sick!! It was a cozy, intimate pub/crown which we love. Afterwards we went to ‘La Internacionalle’ where more bands where playing. Everything ended in a private party which Elvira and Marta organized with some guys from La Femme. Thanks to Alex Morley for hosting us and introducing us into the world of DJ-ing!

5 lads in a bus, travelling across Europe, it can’t get much more fun than that. How has it been so far? You must have some funny stories or can’t you remember much!?

Lille was insane, really good crowd and a massive after-party where Pol ended throwing up everything in his body jajajaja. When we woke up in the morning we found that our van wasn’t in the place we left it because we didn’t put the hand brake on! It ended up causing a right storm as we found it blocking all other cars in the middles of the street.

It looks like you’ve started in Italy and working your way upwards, where are you off to next and when can we see you in the UK? Have you played in the UK before?

This week we’re playing 4-5 shows in Netherlands and then one last show in Zurich. After that we’re going back home for Christmas, then we’re heading up to UK in late January! We’re really excited to play there… We’ve been three or four times before but this one is gonna be sick!

Any shows stick out in your memory as highlights so far?

Hahaha yes the one in Lille definitely… and also Troyes. Ravenna in Italy was so cool also. In the UK the best one was at Birthdays in Dalston one year ago, great crowd there.

Do you get time to write much on the road? I guess it’s a time for reflection as well?

Well not really… I think some bands write and compose while they are on tour. But we’re not that sort of band. We write in Barcelona, in our rehearsal room. We spend lot of time there and all the ideas and songs come out there. When we are touring we don’t really have time for much more things than driving, sleeping, playing gigs and partying haha.

60s influenced Psych rock isn’t a genre which most people here would associate with Barcelona, but is there a scene there we don’t know about? If so let us know some other bands to look out for!

There’s not a big scene but you can find cool bands here! Mystic Caravan are good friends of ours, they are really good, check them out! The Zephyr Bones and Medalla also kill it.

Have you got any plans to release new music this side of Christmas or will you be putting your feet up for a few weeks before hitting the road again?

Nah, we’ll take a few days off the tour and stay with our families to recover and get ready for the next phase..

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