Better Things, the brand new single from Remedy, now available on Vevo.

Remedy are Lewis Huff, Leon James, Paddy Graham & Tommy Miller. Formed in 2014, the band hail from the UK and have performed at Wembley Arena, IndigO2 and Trafalgar Square.

The band spent time building a collection of self-produced cover tracks on YouTube before releasing their own single “Want Some More” in 2015. Remedy have shared line-ups with a host of established artists, most notably Stormzy & Tinie Tempah and in 2016 the band returned to the studio to record two new singles ‘Better Things’ and ‘Come and Talk To Me’.

“We have had to deal with the generalisation that boybands are manufactured and are given an easy ride, but our journey so far has definitely been as gritty as the next band’s”

Say Remedy:

“The process of recording and finishing the song was very long, and we did it all independently over a year ago. Things move very slowly when you’re working mainly through favours.  We recorded it over a year ago at the home-studio of a mate of ours, Kevin Mchale. The song was written by Justin Thorne, Chris Moy and Brittany Burton.”

“Shooting the vídeo was tricky as well, as we obviously had to stretch a small budget as far as we could, to try and make the vídeo look as professional as possible. Working without the use of drones, cranes or any sophisticated shooting equipment, we were happy with the result. We owe it largely to our amazing team that was made up of only two people… a cinematographer and a director.”

Below, we extracted an answer from a recent interview of theirs with StarBazaar that sums up the grind of an unsigned artist almost perfectly…

“Well you have to kind of be ready for anything on a video shoot! One thing we didn’t expect, was when our video budget had been over stretched and we didn’t have any funds left for wardrobe! We had to buy loads of clothes from a store and keep the tags on while we wore them, with the intention of returning them later for a full refund!”

“We had to make sure we didn’t get anything on the clothes or we’d of had to pay for them ourselves. Every meal in between shots we covered ourselves in napkins to make sure we didn’t get a crumb food on them! It was also really awkward to have to go and return around £2,000 worth of clothes at the store the next week! (Sorry Topman!)”​

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