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Hey ‘I See Rivers’ tell us how you started, what brought you from Norway to Liverpool?

ISR: Hello! We all travelled separately to Liverpool to study music, so we didn’t know each other before we moved to England. We became friends quite fast, and it seemed only natural to start writing and making music together after that.
How are things going since the release of your EP ‘Standing Barefoot’?

ISR: It’s been very good! Shortly after the release we went on tour here in the UK with the very lovely Josh Flowers, which was amazing! We went to quite a few places we hadn’t been to before, so that was nice. It has also been so good to see so many people writing about and listening to the EP!
We saw you played at Liverpool Sound City, how was it?

ISR: It was great! We were put down for a very late slot (1:30am or something), so we were a bit worried, to be honest with you. But the audience were absolute gems, and it was a lot of fun for us.

What have been your biggest highlights this year?

ISR: Well, releasing the EP was pretty mad for us. We also got invited to do a Mahogany session earlier this year, which we’ve dreamt about doing for a long time.

What motivates you as a band? is it the live shows, recording in a studio…

ISR: We genuinely love it all, as they are so different in terms of what they bring and the type of work we can do. We might not be sisters in blood, but definitely in sprit, so being able to write and share ideas with each other is really special as well.

What have you got coming up?

ISR: We have a few more festivals coming up this summer (for example Sørøyrocken in Norway and Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival in Scotland), as well as a few music workshops for kids here in Norway. We also just recorded some new material in StudiOwz in Wales with Owain Jenkins and Toby Couling that we haven’t yet decided what to do with – maybe there will be another release in the near future?

Do you have a wish list for venues/ festivals to play next year?

ISR: There are so many beautiful festivals out there! Trænafestivalen, Festival No 6, Green Man and Barn On the Farm are all festivals we would love to be a part of. We also visited a lot of super cool venues on the tour we did with Newton Faulkner last year – we have a dream to return to Olympia Theatre in Dublin and Albert Hall in Manchester in the future.

You did your first Sofar London last year (shown above) What do you think of our good friends and how did your first show differ from the second London show?

ISR: First of all we absolutely LOVE Sofar Sounds. We didn’t really know what to expect when we played our first Sofar last year, but it was so wonderful. I think we were a bit nervous, but both the Sofar team, the hosts, audience and the other bands were so lovely! We’ve been very lucky to play quite a few Sofar shows over the past year, and most of our friends around the country are people we’ve either played with or met at a Sofar show – the Sofar community is AMAZING!


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