Business Manager to Calvin Harris, JLS, Pelé, Martin Garrix and many more

In This Episode

Today, we chat with leading entertainment accounting, intellectual property and international tax specialist, Stephen Pell.

Stephen was formerly Managing Director of one of the largest entertainment accountancy firms in the world, with offices in London, LA (and under Stephen’s European watch) Amsterdam. He recently stepped down from this position to set up his own company focusing more of his attention on new and emerging talent, Pell Artists.

For the past five years, Stephen has been the business manager to many international superstar artists including Calvin Harris, Eric Prydz, Oliver Heldens and many more. He even managed the image rights for global football sensation, Pelé. If there is anything to be known about applying the right business structures to your art, you’ll hear it all from this guy.

We discuss how and when artists should be looking to formalise their art as a business along with the benefits of doing so; we also discuss the many pitfalls you could face along the way – especially when playing abroad – and how to best avoid them.

We delve in to the differences between accounting for an artists worth hundreds of millions of pounds, compared to an artist earning less than £50 per performance and which rules should still be applied nonetheless.

Max and Stephen walk us through an extract of his book ‘The UK Artists’ covering the Top 10 things to look out for when you’re starting to take your music more seriously, providing huge insights into the REAL behind-the-scenes a successful artist in 2016.

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