Upon listening to “Almost 20” it soon becomes apparent as to why so many are so quickly drawn to INBAL’s melodies – unique, fresh and the sound of a brand new artist not afraid to test the waters of the musical sea.

Multi-linguist Inbal Croitoro is a new breed of talented musicians from Tel Aviv, Israel. Although Inbal’s profile fits that of a singer-songwriter, her primary musical explorations centre around a fusion of Alt-Pop-Prog genres. Her cultural influences are many and varied, of which she has carried into the track with a distinct melodic flair unique to her as a writer and performer.

“Almost 20” see’s INBAL’S creative juices comfortably wrap her unmistakable voice and lyrical emotion around profoundly expressive themes. It is hard to believe this is her first single.

The track is the first cut from her much anticipated forthcoming debut EP. The four songs presented on her EP evoke powerful autobiographical experiences and stories from her life – each revealing different elements of the various genres that inspired her songwriting.

The EP is already an international feat having been composed, produced and mixed in Brazil, Helsinki, London, Tel Aviv, Seoul and the United States. The record was produced by Inbal’s talented friend and colleague, Andreas Ravizzoni.


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