#Trendsetters – Alex Baker’s Rock & Alternative Playlist

We’re proud to announce the third installment of our #Trendsetters playlists today. A regular feature where we ask tastemakers from across the industry to curate a new music playlist which focuses in the hottest emerging talent in their chosen genre.

This week, TV/Radio presenter and new music champion at Kerrang! Radio Alex Baker delivers 5 Rock & Alternative tunes from new and emerging artists on his radar…


“The work of one, ludicrously talented man, Kryer has a voice that could melt steel and his music has a seductive quality that places him somewhere between a rock artist and straight-up BEDROOM MUSIC! In seriousness, this man will be signed to a major and playing huge shows in the near future. Get on him NOW.”

Our Hollow Our Home

“If you like your music heavy, there’s no getting away from the brilliance of Southampton’s metalcore heroes Our Hollow Our Home. With crushing riffs, and choruses that Whitney Houston would have enjoyed singing, these guys have it all. The album Hartsick is one of the best Metal albums of the year. Simple.”

Dream State

“South Wales’ Dream State are currently on the precipice…peeking over at the superstardom that awaits. With songs that are so catchy that scientists are working around the clock trying to figure out how to mitigate the outbreak, and a alt-rock sound that packs an authentic punch…the world awaits!”

Grumble Bee

“Quite simply one of the most talented musicians on the earth today. Jack Bennett is an irrepressible ball of energy, who plays every instrument on his record himself, engineers everything himself, produces everything himself, and sings everything…yep, you guessed it…himself! The result is an uncompromising, multi-textured, often angular, always beautiful sonic adventure.”

Bad Sign

“Authenticity, for me, is one of the most important things a band can have running through their veins. Without it, I’m always left thinking “yeah cool…but so what” – and a band that are ALL ABOUT the authenticity are Croydon’s Bad Sign. Real music, played baby real dudes, who support their scene and stand as one of the most exciting rock bands in the U.K. Don’t know? Get to know.”

Massive thanks to Alex @Alexbakerman for these killer picks! We have a UK Afrobeats & Bashment #Trendsetter playlist next up so keep your ears peels for that.