UMA Music has partnered with Music for Mental Wealth in support of their mission to provide musicians with a free platform to receive experienced mental health guidance.

The partnership was announced by Lord Mervyn Davies at Music for Mental Wealth’s Christmas concert on December 7th at St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden attended by 300 people, including notable guests such as Jeremy Vine and Duncan Kenworthy OBE.

UMA Music: Horizon at 100 Wardour with MMW

To celebrate the partnership, MMW and UMA Music have teamed up to kick off the new year with a show at 100 Wardour Street on January 8th, featuring live performances from Richard Morris, Coax and Ashfields.

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Music for Mental Wealth (MMW) launched in May 2017 and is dedicated to the prevention and relief of mental illness within the music industry. Their mission is to help prevent musicians from suffering from such problems as anxiety, writer’s block, addictions, self-doubt and stress, by offering a go-to place for artists to learn tips and better prepare themselves for the inevitable highs and lows of the music industry.

Founder of MMW Laura Westcott says:

“I couldn’t find the help I needed when I started out as a musician with low self-esteem, so we are creating a go-to place for lending support and help to creatives. No one should suffer alone and we are hoping that Music for Mental Wealth will fill the missing gap.”

Music for Mental Wealth will also focus on working with Artist Managers, aiming to equip them with the basic tools of mental health awareness, helping them to take better care of their artists (as well as themselves) along the journey.


You will start to see support from UMA Music online and on social media. We are driven to supporting artists throughout their careers, right from the very beginning, and will be working with MMW to deliver prevention messages via, such as:

  • Tips on how to manage anxiety, setbacks, confidence knocks, stage fright, addictions, writer’s block (and more)
  • Artist Stories – Brave artists sharing their own experiences surrounding mental health with our community
  • Offer Group Coaching Sessions or Online Seminars
  • On-hand support at schools and festivals

Music for Mental Wealth will also be on-hand to give sessions during the conference and the UMA awards show on May 16 to help managers and artists work effectively to develop professional boundaries and develop robust, resilient mindsets.

Georgina Thomas, COO of UMA Music says:

“We are not just an award show, we are a company that recognises artists struggles to achieve success, we have met many artists suffering from mental health issues and want to be able to help and support unsigned artists in every way possible not just in their careers but their health too, that is why the MMW partnership makes so much sense.”