Here we run down our best music picks from the past weeks. Sit back, put your headphones on and enjoy…

Tally Spear – Fade To White

Growing up in an artistic household, as the daughter of a theatre actress and a musician, has clearly shaped Tally’s own creative path. This creative setting fuelled her love of words, using songwriting as a way to cope with her battle against insomnia and an anxiety disorder. While her melodies may be bright and breezy, behind the blissful beautiful of her pop songs are moving lyrics that offer insight into the complexities and intricacies of the human mind. Follow @TallySpear

Bloome De Wilde – Spirit Animal

London-based songwriter and Sam & The Womp frontwoman Bloom de Wilde, returns with her first outing as a solo musician. ‘Animal Spirit’ is the first of two singles, inspired by life, art, nature and all the elements of love and life around her. She’s experienced the absolute heights of what the music industry has to offer. With their biggest single topping the U.K Singles charts, the reggae-bass fusion band have played some of the worlds largest stages and regularly graced the crowds at Glastonbury and Boomtown Fair. Follow @bloomdewilde

Adanna Duru – Doll

Written and composed by Adanna Duru herself, and produced by Ear Mac, ‘Doll’ is the first single from the LA native’s forthcoming sophomore EP ‘Manic Pixie Dreamgirl’. The excellently crafted R&B offering is a moody and atmospheric affair, backed by wobbly synths, fitting piano stabs, and a riveting bassline, over which Adanna continues to wear her heart on her sleeves, underpinned by her emotive vocal performance, and honest songwriting. Follow @adannaduru

Y.A.S – Vibrations

Scottish born, London based artist [Y.A.S] first made her mark in music via a variety of  collaborations with artists and producers from right across the electronic dance spectrum. Her forthcoming release ‘Vibrations’ represents her smokey, soulful vocals against electro-infused R’n’B for a new generation of EDM fans with a melody that incorporates elements of trap and dubstep. Follow @YASaquarius

Miramis – Suppressing Me

MIRAMIS is the new project from Swedish singer-songwriter and producer Emil Berg. Shrouded with electronic beats and airy vocals, ‘Suppressing me’ meets nature and organic elements. Displaying a mixture of cinematic, minimalistic and folk sounds, combined with strong pop melodies, MIRAMIS songwriting and production talents shines at the forefront. The lyrics are essential, told from a personal point of view and often based on a feeling of twilight, where dreams meet reality. Follow @theemilberg