While love should still be celebrated every day, today is Valentine’s Day which means the focus is on it even more. Below you find a selection of the best love songs around – but don’t worry if you are heartbroken or sick of relationships and situationships instead – you don’t need a man or woman by your side in order to enjoy those beautiful songs.

The Tailormade – Mr Perfect

The Tailormade have made substantial  noise within the UK ‘underground’ music circuit after being discovered, and winning the hearts of the public and a host of celebrities whilst busking in tube stations across the capital, the trio bring their charisma and charm to life in their new single ‘Mr Perfect’ – the name explains itself! Sit back and enjoy. Follow @the_tailormade

Hider – Don’t Pretend It Was Nothing

Introducing himself in the Summer of 2017, Hider released three singles in quick succession gaining support from influential Spotify curators, among others. ‘Don’t Pretend It Was Nothing’ is a slow-building alternative-indie gem – fusing minimal electronic beats and analog synths with live drums and guitars, whilst Hider’s distinctive voice sings of unrequited love. This one is for the heartbroken ones! 

Follow @hiderhiderhider

Andrea Di Giovanni – Soultrip

Love isn’t always easy, and moving on is even harder. Trust-issues, complications and heartbreak are a topic which often comes with it, and can deeply hurt your inner self and destroy your self-confidence. The Italian-born, now London-based artist dark-pop Andrea Di Giovanni speaks up about exactly those topics in his EP ‘Soultrip’. Follow @adigiovannioff

Tonia – Love Finds A Way

This incredibly talented songstress speaks up about the message that love will always find a way to you even if you find yourself in a very dark place mentally. With her stunning, effortlessly soulful and powerful vocals Tonia’s single ‘Love Finds a Way’, taken off her EP ‘Soulbird’, is an anthem for everyone who believes in the true power of love. Perfect for Valentines day! Follow @ton_soulbird

BREANTONIA – Attraction

Let’s be honest: Both physical and mental attraction to each other is rather important to make a relationship work, isn’t it?! London-based R&B singer BREANTONIA has the perfect anthem for this topic, entitled – you guessed it – ‘Attraction’. The up-beat, almost electronic-infused beat, underpinned by her remarkably smooth and subtle vocals turn this song into one you certainly can’t help but to play on repeat. Follow @Breantoniamusic

Patrin ft. Hemmingway – More Than Just Friends

Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you like a special someone but really you are just friends? But deep inside both of you know that you are much more than ‘just friends’? Yes, that can become a rather complicated situation. Harlesden-based rapper Patrin addresses this issue in his Hemingway-assisted song ‘More Than Just Friends’, once again showcasing his effortless rap flow and ability of wordplay. Today is Valentine’s Day – so leave your doubts aside and tell your special friend what you feel about him or her! Follow @iampatrin

L Martin – Be Mine

The title of L Martin’s brand new EP might make you think that this release is rather one for the guys but I am happy to tell you that your assumptions are wrong – ‘Pussy Powers’ has dropped today on Valentine’s Day and is a truly impressive compilation of songs for everyone, featuring artists such as Eklipse, Raysh and of course the rest of his Too Rare To Die squad. Especially the Nina Alexis – featured track ‘Be Mine’ is brilliantly made for today. Follow @LMartinTRTD



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